Ability to push configurations via property manager UI

As a user I wish have the ability to push changes I make first to a sandbox before deploying them over to the staging network. 

  • Akhil Jayaprakash
  • Aug 11 2018
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  • Luciano Lemberg commented
    December 14, 2018 17:15

    I have been doing this by completing 2 steps with APIs:
    1) Download current ruleset with PAPI (e.g. with Akamai PM CLI) to temporary file (filtering the "rules" JSON field standalone)

    2) Upload the ruleset to the sandbox from the file, with the Akamai Sandbox CLI

    It would be great if at least the sandbox CLI could take the ruleset from standard input, so that no temp file has to be saved, or even better if it could directly take the output from

    > akamai property retrive www.example.com

    so that it can be piped into the sandbox CLI without even needing jq:

    > akamai property retrieve www.example.com | akamai sandbox update mysandbox --rules

  • Akhil Jayaprakash commented
    09 Jan 16:28

    Hi @Luciano, this is a great idea. our plan with this request is to include a button within the property manager UI to allow users to push their JSON rules directly into a sandbox. Would you prefer a UI based method over the CLI method you mentioned below?

  • Luciano Lemberg commented
    10 Jan 11:10

    Hi @Akhil, yes, the Property Manager UI button as described originally sounds really great. My mention to adding "pipe" capabilities to the CLI was only in order to get a slightly more streamlined workflow in a way that seems quicker to accomplish...

    Of course if PM->Sandbox integration exists is better than PM->CLI->Sandbox ;-)